CMYK is a color model based on the quality of light absorbing of the ink that is printed on paper. CMYK stands for the main colors used in printing which are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Combining the first three of them results in black because of the subtraction of colors which is why they are called subtractive colors. The inks are transparent which is why when they are mixed, а third color can be created. Combining the four inks to recreate another color is called four-color process printing.

Another color model is RGB (Red Green Blue) and it is used mainly for web design, while CMYK is best for print artwork. A lot of people think that RGB may be converted into CMYK, but in reality there may be a lot of color variations, resulting in a different design from the original one. When comparing the two, CMYK is better for printing because it is easier to standardize due to the different colors that can be obtained when the primary ones are mixed. On the other hand, with the RGB model it is harder to guarantee the consistency of the colours across a print run. Another thing that makes the CMYK model more suitable is that it can be monitored by a software or other types of equipment, so that a standard color can be calibrated.