Is it possible to print glue? Yes it is, but that’s not the answer we are looking for.
Today we discuss the so called ‘adhesive varnish’. Visually it resembles partial UV varnish & is screen printed.
Adhesive varnish gives you the same level of flexibility in terms of design as partial UV varnish – the sky is the limit.

You are probably wondering why are sharing this information?
Because this varnish gives you the ability to create numerous different products that are a great alternative to existing products – both financially and from an environmental point of view.

Adhesive varnishadhesive varnish

As you can see from the images above – that’s a standard print with screen printed adhesive varnish on top (you have to look closely to notice it). In that case the adhesive varnish is in the form of ‘lines’ (could be anything as mentioned earlier). You can “glue” your notes and memos on each of ‘lines’ and you can do it numerous times!

It is not necessary to use sticky notes, tape or glue; no need to have a magnetic or cork board; the only thing you need is to have adhesive varnish screen printed on your product!

Adhesive varnish creates prints that are highly suitable for office & information spaces, doctor cabinets, even homes.
Last but not least – this is an additional advertising space that will definitely catch one’s attention.

To see how it actually works, watch this short video.