Scratch inks

Everybody thinks of lottery cards when it comes to scratch inks but they can also be used for various promotional activities, marketing campaigns and art projects. Depending on the client’s needs we offer scratch inks in various colours and with different properties in terms of pealing off.

Phosphorescent inks

Phosphorescent inks provide you with the opportunity to create extremely intriguing materials. The ink is printed on top of the selected images. Its special properties make it absorb the light it is exposed. When placed in a dark environment it starts emitting the absorbed light. The phosphorescent effect could be short- or long-lasting depending on the project.

Metallic inks

Metallic inks are mixed through the usage of super tiny metallic pigments that recreate the shiny and structural appearance of metals. In practice every colour can be printed in that way – there are no restrictions!

Pearlescent inks

Pearlescent inks reflect light in a unique way due their synthetic particles. They create a specific nacreous effect that gives your products an unforgettable look. All colours can be printed but that’s not everything! You get the most astonishing effects by using bi- or trilayer pearlescent inks, often described as the chameleon effect.

Fluorescent inks

Fluorescent (aka electric) inks are extremely realistic, natural and bright. They literally make the image alive and charge it with positive energy.

Thermochromic inks

Thermochromic inks are clients’ number one choice for creating catchy art projects. They either appear or disappear when reaching a certain temperature depending on the particular goal. Thermochromic inks make every product very memorable and attractive.