Print marketing is crucial for a company’s corporate identity because it has the authenticity that digital technology lacks. That’s why we decided to share a few printing trends to help you create memorable printing materials.

1. Simple is better!

The digital world is very complex, chaotic and overcrowded. So a lot of people are seeking simplicity in printed materials. We advise you to create a clear and elegant image with minimal text that would catch the attention of the audience.

2. Personalize your prints

If you want to put more thought into your products, you can try to research more information about your audience’s preferences. Then, create your prints in a way that you can reach the customer on an individual level.

3. Combine print with digital

The two should not be seen as “rivals” and you may even try to mix the two in order to reach more people and offer more possibilities. Such example is the QR code which redirect you to all kinds of exclusive content.

4. Add color

Colors make your materials more appealing and exciting, but that’s not all. Pantone experts say that the different colors can represent different moods and goals. For example, if you want to look “resourceful”, you should use blue and orange, being “playful” goes with yellow, pink is associated with discretion and gold is if you want to look “sophisticated”.

5. Mind the texture

How your printed materials look goes hand in hand with the way they feel. All senses are vital when it comes to your printed materials, so make sure that touching them gives you an amazing feeling. This will make people hold on to them longer. Try using different special effects and finishing options to enhance that.

6. Think about foil stamping

People usually love shiny things and this is key to making your product eye-catching. The foil stamping creates a metallic effect that is more appealing to the audience. However, it does not go well on everything, so use it on materials with a simpler design.

7. Add spot varnish

If you really want to go deeper, you could add selective UV varnish on a specific part of your design to highlight it.

8. Tell the story of your product

If done right, printed materials can be viewed as a work of art. Products speak for themselves but it doesn’t hurt to share their actual story and let people know more about your company’s character and core values.