PVC is one of the most useful materials when it comes to printing. Firstly, it allows direct printing and secondly, it comes in various colours and thicknesses. It is often used for branding – creating interesting constructions such as arches, bridges and pallet zones, for example. It is also the perfect choice for toppers, side and back brandings of metal displays because once you have the display you don’t need to replace it but could only rebrand it. We’ve already talked about kiosk strips and other similar advertising materials that are also made of PVC. However, today I would like to show you another very interesting application. Below you will see images of rulers that are printed directly on PVC. That’s a great choice because the PVC is hard enough not get ruined or damaged but at the same time somewhat elastic and allows easy usage. Moreover, if printed on clear PVC it gives you the ability to use it as a measurement device rather than as a ruler only (see below).

Transparent PVC ruler