We keep talking about how important is to understand your clients and their needs, and how we are there every step of the way. However, it is our work that speaks for ourselves. In this post you will learn more about how we helped our clients from Ampelos Wine Boutique to create and develop their brand.

Once upon a time…there was an empty store. Firstly and most importantly, we carefully measured everything and took numerous photos. Step 2 was brainstorming and talking to our clients until we finally created the design they imagined and presented them with a 3D preview of how their shop will look like once it’s finished. During this discussions both sides realised that the bottles of wine & food shouldn’t be in direct sunlight, so that why we installed special transparent foil that blocks UV rays.
The boutique’s branding appears as the most vital element but both our clients and we knew that it is important to create and develop a quality brand, so we didn’t proceed with production until we have finalised all additional advertising materials such as business cards, coasters, gift vouchers, etc.

At the end we got a beautiful concept from beginning to end.