COVID-19 has changed the world dramatically throughout 2020 and has challenged different aspects of our lives.  We have no choice but to adapt and embrace the “new normal”.

Usually advertising is a go-to option for growing brand awareness, increasing sales and creating brand loyalty. Despite its vital importance, in times of economic crisis advertising costs are cut to minimum and budgets are frozen. But as history shows, limited resources often lead to creativity. When you don’t have the means it’s only natural to convey your message without spending too much. So, the question is what to do when you don’t have enough money and there are various restrictions because of Covid-19?

Here are a few things that you might find useful:

Digital marketing – yes, this is the most obvious option and many people turned to it but you should consider whether this is the best possible option for your company and whether you have the necessary budget. Surely, one can do bits and pieces of social media advertising for free but it’s very unlikely that this alone will bring you the success you are seeking. Also, you shouldn’t forget that Covid-19 restrictions made everyone (one way or another) go digital, which means the market is more competitive and you really do need to invest time & money in order to be successful.

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Increased quality + Decreased quantity = Lower costs + Better results

Choose only the best and strongest places for advertising your product. You need to consider that people are not going out as much as they used to, so some locations might not be worth the investment. But people still need to eat, so they do go grocery shopping. So maybe hypermarkets/supermarkets? Many people cannot be working from home, so certain business buildings/environments might be your top choice? Or maybe specialized stores – while people do shop online, there are certain items that they prefer to see in person before buying. So, do your research, choose wisely and make a product that stands out. It’s better to have something “WOW” in 10 locations, rather than something “meh” in 500.

Take care of your customers. Be considerate & keep them safe and healthy.

You are probably wondering what can you do about that? Well, as mentioned in point 2., you can create a permanent, premium POP that drives traffic to your category leads to sales without unnecessary physical contact. However, if you feel like your customers prefer more traditional and engaging campaigns – such as playing games, winning scratch-off cards, receiving flyers, etc. – you can antibacterial laminate. Tests show that it kills 99% of bacteria, so we would say that adding this finishing touch to your printing materials is a win-win. Firstly, you are increasing the life of your product & improving its quality (it becomes more durable, liquids-resistant and can have a finishing of your choice) and secondly, it protects your customers from bacteria. That way they don’t have to worry about picking up that scratch-off card, wondering whether they could get sick! The antibacterial laminating films were developed recently because of Covid-19 and are a great option for every product that is subject to a lot of touching – packaging, menus, flyers, scratch-off cards, etc. By investing in your customers’ health, you are investing in your company’s sales.

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Last but not least – collaborate! Now that online trading is booming, so are deliveries. Have you considered collaborating with a delivery company? You can distribute promotional materials through them (preferably protected in a suitable packaging) and maybe even negotiate adding your brand to the delivery vehicles? That way you are advertising your company not only to the recipients of the deliveries but literally to everyone on the streets – whether they are walking, driving, waiting for a bus to catch, etc.

Times are difficult for everyone but aren’t challenges what make us better? Think out of the box and you will definitely find a successful way to get through these temporary difficulties. And who knows, maybe the actions you take now will lead to even better results than before Covid-19!