staropramenPrinting on all types of media

Screen printing gives you the opportunity to print over all types of media regardless of its surface and thickness. It allows you to print on any type of self-adhesive foil and on any type of plastic (PVC, polystyrene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, PET, PETG, etc.) Nevertheless, you can print on wood, glass and metal.

Color identity on various surfaces

A common problem in other printing technologies is the lack of color identity on different surfaces. For example, the yellow color printed on white cardboard and on black plike looks very different. There is no such problem with screen printing because of the printing method and the different types of ink. This is extremely valuable for your corporate identity because it gives you the opportunity to create memorable materials where the colors always remain the same, no matter if we are talking about business cards or about branded cars.


Screen printing is the only technology that allows recreating different works of art. The prints are extremely realistic and a lot of people could consider them originals. Artists, who want to share their artwork with a bigger audience, take advantage of the possibilities that screen printing offers and therefore create reproductions. They make them authentic by actually signing the prints. The high lineage, which could reach up to 700 lpi, makes these excellent results possible. Combining various kinds of raster images contributes to the uniqueness of the prints.