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Michel Caza Top Print-Sofia Training

“Your observation on the quality of Indian screen printers so far?
I was lucky enough to quite often have the privilege to see (and sometimes share) the evolution of screen printing technology in the Indian companies, both being in the juries of those competitions or even chairing them or simply as a viewer in the Fespa, Indian or SGIA competitions. Let us say, this began for me ten years ago and I must recognise the progression in terms of quality and fineness and it has been fantastic. And this is also true in textile (garment) printing and industrial (electronic) fields. It means that now the quality of the images or other screen printed items made in India can easily support the comparison with most prints from Europe, USA or Far East countries. I am happy to see many of the Indian printers approaching the quality of images made by my best pupils in Switzerland (Atelier Für Siebdruck), Russia (MidiPrint), Canada (CIB), Japan (Kumazawa), China (Standard Chan), Ukraine (S.G.S.L.), Turkey (ETF), France (Kokolo) and Bulgaria (Top-Print Sofia).”

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