Vinyl Records

You get the best results when you manage to create the right balance between creativity, functionality and actual production possibilities. It's very important to always keep in mind that it's all about teamwork. In this post you will see a combination of all these. The featured product is a menu that's actually an old vinyl record. The relevant [...]

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Beermats are used to protect the surface of a table but also for absorbing condensation dripping along the glass or any spillage for that matter. Generally beverage coasters are made of thicker cardboard, often referred as 'beer' cardboard. However, beermats are used for advertising as well. As their name suggests people would mainly associate them with [...]

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Shine Bright

'All that glitters is not gold' but there are actually numerous ways to achieve this deception when it comes to producing advertising materials. Everyone knows that you can laminate your products to enhance their vision and change their texture but do you know about all these 'special effect' foils? There are foils that imitate different [...]

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Scratch Cards

We usually associate scratch ink with tickets from the lottery but there are many more ways to use it. Printing scratch inks is a great choice when it comes to interactive games, competitions, promotions, etc. Using it definitely makes your product stand out and engages your customers. Lately, we've produced various advertising materials from [...]

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Spring is Here!

Longer, warmer days are here and what's better than to embrace the spirit! This is exactly what we did by creating this new project that combines screen printing and our new chemical hot stamping technology. You might say that blue isn't the most appropriate colour choice for flowers but it radiates serenity, peace and trustworthiness. Besides [...]

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Kiosk Strip

As we have already discussed it is very important to choose the right way to exhibit your products. While floor and counter displays save much space, they are not always the best option for two reasons: the form and shape of your products, and the available space. In this post we are offering an alternative suitable for [...]

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Printing the Impossible

Challenges drive us towards success and our goal to achieve only the highest standards and quality puts us amongst Michel Caza's best pupils and leaders in the industry. "Your observation on the quality of Indian screen printers so far? I was lucky enough to quite often have the privilege to see (and sometimes share) the [...]

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Black & White Reproduction

Paintings are a must when it comes to interior design. However, buying an original is not only expensive but quite often impossible. That's where screen printing comes to the rescue. Many contemporary artists use this technique to reproduce their originals and sell them at more affordable prices. They usually sign the printed copies to confirm [...]

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